Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Moody Blues
The Present
(Polydor, 1983)
Styles: Pop/Rock, Art Rock
Themes: awakenings, poetic, atmospheric

A rather uninvolved collection including the dated, radio-ready Sitting at the Wheel. What saves this album from total immolation is the fragile sentiments behind the songs. But it's too insular, and only for the hardcore fan.

Album title re-working: Am I Awake or Dreaming?

1. Blue World 5:19 ugh!
2. Meet Me Halfway 4:08 ugh!
3. Sitting at the Wheel 5:40 ugh!
4. Going Nowhere 5:33
5. Hole in the World 1:54
6. Under My Feet 4:51
7. It's Cold Outside of Your Heart 4:27
8. Running Water 3:23
9. I Am 1:40
10. Sorry 5:02


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