Wednesday, February 21, 2007

best commercials

Alamo Rent A Car "Where all the miles are free" (Fall 1992, USA-CBS network)

If Chevrolet's nostalgic trip through Americana was the staple network television commercial during the last third of 2006 (John Mellencamp's "This Is Our Country"), then Alamo's 1992 voyage is a crowning achievement in creating a classic marriage between music score, photography, and subtle narration. With a poignant and stark trumpet covering the richly laid out American landscape, it exudes a teary-eyed, romantic longing for America's traditions. Timeless. A+
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They go by names like Chapel Lane and Maple Street... California Highway 1, and The Great White Way...

The roads we travel in small towns, like Pottersville... and they can take you as far as bigger towns, like Pumpkin Corners...

They go by places where people still stop and say hello to old friends, and make new ones...

There are over 4 million miles of roads in Alamo territory, all across America... and every day, with every car nation-wide, only Alamo gives you all those miles for free -- including the ones that go from sea level, to the sky; the ones that take us through a country we call America, to a place we call home.

Dr. Pepper I Would Do Anything For Love (2005, USA)

In which the boyfriend will do anything for love by buying tampons for his girlfriend, but won't share his Dr. Pepper with her and concludes by running out of their home and down the street. Priceless. (Music by Meatloaf.) A+

Dr. Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla Ma Nah Ma Nah (2005, USA)

The blonde is so interested in her Dr. Pepper, I mean date, by nodding to his one-way conversation with her in a sing-a-long with the restaurant customers and staff. By this time Dr. Pepper were clearly more creative than other soft drink company commercials, let alone industry. A+


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