Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Inspector Lynley Mysteries 2

In the Presence of the Enemy
Newspaper editor Dennis Luxford (James Hazeldine) and political chair Eve Bowen (Sophie Okonedo) had a secret child together. Their daughter Charlotte Bowen (Natalie Freegard) has been kidnapped with a ransom note stating Luxford has three days to reveal the relationship in his paper. Helen (Lesley Vickerage) hides her contact with Luxford from Thomas Lynley (Nathaniel Parker). Needless to say, he's pissed. ("If you can't trust me, what does that say about us?!" A tiresome and doomed relationship if you ask me.) It doesn't help Eve's cause either when her significant other, Alex Stone (Clint Dyer), is insensitive, angry, and aggressive.

Then before the three days are up, Charlotte is found dead in a canal with valium in her system. Why did the kidnapper break the ransom's deadline? There isn't time to answer that since Luxford's son Leo (Joseph Friend) goes missing too. As the investigation grows, so to do the suspects. (This is the well developed aspect about Francesca Brill's screenplay.) And Lynley and Havers have to confront a kidnapper who is much closer to home than they suspect. B


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